I'm a freelance writer and editor.

“Woah! Tell me more!”


Formerly the editor of Men’s Running magazine – some highlights: a 24-hour track race, a 63-mile ultra marathon, securing the world exclusive on which biblical figures Anthony Joshua would most like to run with (Jesus and Ramesses) – I’ve since taken a drastically different career path to become editor of Men’s Fitness magazine.

The long-distance running challenges have taken a welcome backseat, but the main aim’s the same (some nice rhyme for you, there): to motivate people to get up and about – walking, cycling, gyming, wrestling, any ‘ing’ really – and leading healthier, happier lives.

I’ve also written for The Guardian, ShortList, Red Bull, Runner's World, BBC Countryfile, Business Insider, and RSNG, as well as working in-office as a freelance copywriter for London Marathon Events, Spoon Agency and AB Comm. For a time, I was also a regular contributor to Wolsey’s The Man Who series, interviewing the world’s most extreme adventurers from the harsh and unpredictable environment of Caffè Nero.

I’m based in north London, and when I'm not hammering at my keyboard I enjoy trail running, travelling and battling to keep house plants alive.